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Every now and then it hits you

He's single because he's fine with that, or he's feeling good to be spending time with himself, or whatever. [/person I fancy, maybe]

As it happens, I don't regret dumpng my ex. He is still the most awesome gentleman I eveer met, but not as a boyfriend. I don't regret going out with him because it deepened our relationship, but our needs from love are too different. [/My one and only real ex (not the same dude).]

How is it that people still say: 'Oh, females don't stay single in our circles long'... but I do? I'm aware that despite the theorectic reasonableness of my features, I'm never going to be Teh Hot. It sounds good: long blonde hair, slender build, but hour glass figure... yeah, good on paper, but not so much in person. Even setting aside my tendencies to grin like a manic goblin, unconventionalness is supposed to be less of problem thang for geeks like us...

It's kinda depressing that most people are put off by my interests and appearance, and the rest are put off by my beliefs. That's all I can think. I mean, it'd be nice if people liked my appearance, but if they didn't give two hoots about me as a person it wouldn't mean anything. And now I'm drunk and thinking too much on my singleness.

25 years is coming up (please, for kittens' sake, don't anyone try to tell me 'It's nothing to be ashamed of', or 'It's good that I'm saving myself' - I'm neither ashamed nor saving myself: I discovered my libido four and a half years ago and I haven't had any calls since!). I think it's fine not to want sex. For a long time I knew I wasn't ready for it and wasn't ashamed. But I dealt with that shit (thanks V-Day) and since I discovered I wanted the boys... they haven't wanted me.

I'm not expecting an answer, I'm just fed up.

The only bloke I've fancied this year is probably leaving the area soon, and he's been so maybe-he-is-maybe-me-isn't that even my patience has worn thin.

O just want it easer, you know. Like how everyone else seems to get it.

Raise a glass with me singletons...
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