Rhube (rhube) wrote in bitter_singles,

The noise of couples kissing

I cannot stand the noise of couples kissing. I think it's a pretty gross sound anyway, but there's something about it that just cuts into my thoughts and reminds me how single I am.

Last Thursday, I had my last session with my cognitive behavioural therapist (last because that's the limit of the number of sessions you're allowed on the NHS, not because I was all better). He said what I really need is someone to depend on, to fight my corner, to love me how I am, and to recognise the good parts of me. In other words: a boyfriend.

'Cause, you know, I hadn't figured that one out for myself. I'll just pop down the boyfriend shop, then...

4 years and counting. Still a virgin at 24.

Yeah, I'm having a bitter day.
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