Miss W (dark_faith) wrote in bitter_singles,
Miss W

Ahhhh Relationships

Why should I give relationship advice? It's not like I'm an expert and most cases I can't tell the difference from a relationship from my ass. I have friends that want my opinion, but now come to think of it, I don't even take my own advice.
And in reality, no one is an "expert". No one can say they know relationships through and through, inside out, because every relationship is different and every human being is different too. Most people who think they have found their perfect mate end up in divorces.. These are usually the same people who wrote a book about marriages, kids, relationships, dating etc for people like me that feel clueless, buy them up and end up more fucked up from useless advice. Well not useless; irrelevant.

I guess as we get older and have more experiences, makes us better whores. My father for example, is on a date right now with a new match he met online. He could give me sooo much advice on how to find the right guy or which one to pick off matchmaker.com/plentyoffish.com/lavalife.com but I'd still find some asshole I don't connect with. Hmmm, what to do?

I suppose I lost my faith in relationships or the little amount I had. My parents are divorced, so I was not exactly raised in a good relationship/marriage. All the same, majority of us crave companionship.. Maybe that's why everyone wants and wishes to be popular. But what can popularity merit? I'm a loner at heart and even when I'm surrounded by a group of people I feel initially alone.

I'm pretty happy being single right now. And I'm pretty happy being unpopular. I guess I'm just a bitch, haha. Oh well, life will throw more lessons my way and my views in the next few years might change. But before that happens, I think relationships are the suck. And yes, I said they are "the suck."
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