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Another Day Another Time

I'm such a fucking idiot sometimes. The reason why I say this is because I was so much more happier being single and care free, instead of investing four months of my time with someone who won't meet me half way. It is true what some people say, "only stupid people have good relationships."

Because before I invested myself emotionally, I was happy, sane and enjoying life. Now I'm feeling neurotic and full of self doubt. Yeah sure, I tend to have a low self esteem now and again, but the moment they become distant and I hear "there is something I would like to talk to you about" puts a damper on things.

Why do people get involved in such unpredictable and expiring situations? I'm looking back and I see all the signs that I should have avoided. In reality what are the points of relationships anyway besides divorce and procreation?
Honesty, I feel as if I put myself in such turmoil that I could have avoided at all costs instead of being taken for granted.

Such is life, ain't it??
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