Flogging a dead horse since 1990. (annomalley) wrote in bitter_singles,
Flogging a dead horse since 1990.

The human brain truly is a weird thing.

I have only managed two relationships worthy of the name in my life. I am out of touch with both exes. One of them bizarrely friended me on Facebook recently. Mentioning this to a friend in an email triggered the next logical way to distract myself from what I should be doing (updating my CV to try to make my work life suck a bit less than my love life). Found the other ex via Myspace and found that I remembered his age and his star sign wrong. Then again he could have lied to me at the time or got it wrong himself.

Both of them are doing really well, according to rumour and what little I can gather from the Web. I have had no actual communication with either, even the Facebook one. I suppose I should be glad that the guys I went out with weren't total losers and I managed to fool them for a while that I wasn't one either. Can't fool most people though, least of all myself.
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