shortbus (peargirlfathead) wrote in bitter_singles,

Name:my name is niomi. though not important. My girlfriend punched me. Right in the eye. In my right eye, so it seems. 5-6 times, good thing she broke up with me beforehand, now its just assault. theres a restraining order. And she's mad at me and I'm the one who was punched. She changed her number, even though I haven't called (well, called and spoken, because of the restraining order). I did everything for her. She just didn't get it at all, she'd be screaming and I'd be standing there crying just wanting to crawl into bed and cuddle. Which was what we were screaming about. Long story.
Bitterness count is around 4, i dont want her dead I just want justice and i wish this hadnt happened so we could have been together.
Special powers: manipulation, emulation of emotion, trust.
Weapon of choice: my mouth.
3 favourite drinks (I know it's hard to narrow it down..): 151, jamaican rum, and beer. whatevers on tap, because it hurts more going down.
Intended method of self destruction: endless hours of internet boob tv and enough pot to smoke out a elephant.

being single sucks. hence the bitterness.
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