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Shut Up About Relationships, Geez!

Fuck, all of my friends either have new boyfriends or at least new dates. All I hear about is 'so and so', and how good they make them feel, he's oh so cute, and a "really nice guy". I'm so tired of listening to this bullshit.

I feel so undesirable too. I am not jealous that I am the only single girl out of my friends, again. And I'm not angry/jealous for having no dates..

Just fed up of hearing these pathetic little stories and watching them "needing" the person because of such abandonment issues they haven't dealt with.. They act like being single is the worst thing that could ever happen to someone. As they become doormats and miserable in a dysfunctional relationship.

Is this all I have to look forward to come February when it's Valentine's day? Is this all we are ever going to talk about now, their stupid boyfriends in their overly clingy relationships? Seriously! I mean, who buys a guy a present after having one date? Basically saying, "hey why don't you fuck and chuck me now? Use me and rob me of any happiness and confidence I do have."

As I sit back and watch all of this happening, I can't help but want to run away. And I love my friends, I really do, I am always there for them but I absolutely HATE being the counselor. It might be a little more enticing if I was getting paid, but I don't want to listen to their future relationship/guy problems and hearing about what he did and who he's with.

If I had a guy buying my clothes after the first date, I would think he was a freak.

Just great.
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