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I have to give a reading at my brother's wedding in May. Obviously, this is an honour to do, but it's been such a bloody faff getting them to sort out what it is I actually have to read. Last night I was discussing this with my mother on the telephone, whilst my brother was talking about it on MSN, and my sister-in-law-to-be was sending me text messages about it! The main problem with many of the possible readings for a Civil Ceremony is that they are perfectly vomitous and twee. At the least they make one feel queasy.
One suggestion was that I try to come up with one, but I did point out that as I am one of the most cynical people about love that I know, I would probably not be the best person to choose a reading for a wedding. By the end of the various discussions I was ready to cry out "oh for God's sake, I don't bloody care. I'm going to die alone, perpetually nursing a broken heart, so what the fuck do I care about readings and marriage and love?" But I didn't.
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I don't imagine I'll ever have a wedding of my own and I don't particularly want one, but one of my life's ambitions is to be asked to do a reading at one. I hope you find something that's not too vomit-enducing, and that giving the reading is a proud moment for you.
Good luck.. That's all I got to say.